Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q: Where are your products made?

A: All Sojourn Products are locally made in Victoria, Australia with locally sourced materials. Sustainable and ethically sourced products are used throughout the design, printing and packaging processes.

Q: Can I buy direct from you in person?

A: Yes, we are frequently at a number of markets including the Belgrave Big Dreams Market and the Grow It, Bake It, Make It Market Emerald- follow the links for more information. We are also at other markets from time to time, for more information please visit our Facebook page.

You can also arrange Pick-Up from our Studio in Pakenham, Victoria. Its as easy as choosing the 'FREE PICK-UP @ PAKENHAM STUDIO' option at check-out and we will email you to arrange. Otherwise, you can Contact Us or click the floating "Message Us" Button on every page.

Q: What is Soflow Jewellery?

The SoFlow Jewellery range are inspired artistic pieces that combine abstract interpretations of natural landscapes with the healing properties of Organite, carefully handcrafted in our Melbourne Studio.

In a world flooded with electro-magnetic fields (EMF) and WiFi grids, the prevalence of hypersensitivities to EMF is only on the increase. Although they are considered safe due to their non-ionising radiation, the long-term effect of these radiation fields is still not known with modern society being the large-scale test subject. 

The electro-magnetic field issues are only exacerbated by a Western diet and lifestyle impacted heavily by highly processed convenience foods, mass produced pharmaceuticals and toxic environments. These accumulative factors combined with what is transmitted in utero are all increasing our baseline levels and daily exposure to heavy and insoluble metals, which is far beyond what we were designed to cope with.

Existing in this EMF environment with a high level of mineral and metal content combined with our carbon and water based body mass turn us into walking capacitors and make it difficult for our bodies to be released from an acidic state. This state can directly impact a wide range of physiological conditions from mental health to endocrinological and base level hormone function through to the increased prevalence of tumour formation and other cancer development. 

There is mounting evidence demonstrating the positive impact of Organite on the human body in counteracting EMF and in returning our bodies to the correct cationic and alkaline states. Testimonial and anecdotal evidence in support of Organite is widespread across the internet, but it is important to note that not all Organite is created equal. Through our independent testing Sojourn Australia found some Organite capable of creating a magnetic vortex flux that is actually highly negative and detrimental to your health and wellbeing, and increases the impact of EMF and Wi-Fi on the human body.

Sojourn Australia has carefully selected and designed the Organite crystals and tested their positive flow through spectral analysis of the magnetic vortices. This has resulted in not only jewellery that is aethestic but also therapeutic.

By promoting a cationic and alkaline environment, the Soflow Jewellery enables the wearer to experience a state in which heavy metals and other toxins are no longer bound to the water and carbon molecules, allowing them to pass from the body. The Soflow Jewellery can also increase the efficacy of naturopathic and homeopathic remedies as well as improve the impact of guided convalescence.

We test every item produced for its positive magnetic vortex, with the average effective range no less than 3.5 metres. Since some wearers find the jewellery to have such a dramatic effect that they can produce lucid dreams we include a gift tin with each pendant, allowing the pendant to be insulated from its surroundings to give you a sound night's sleep.

We welcome all feedback and questions on the Soflow Jewellery range, if you would like more information please click on the messenger radio to discuss with our customer service specialists. 

Please note Sojourn Australia and its representatives do not in any way seek to impose our views or provide a substitute for direct medical advice and consultation. Sojourn Australia encourage the seeking out of professional medical help and the working towards a holistic and complementary approach to health and wellbeing. Sojourn Australia and its representatives do not advocate that any of the information on this site be taken as sole medical guidance or advice, but to act as a method of enquiry and critical thinking to explore new ways of healthcare.

The information published on this site is not intended to act as a substitute for the advice of medical professionals, and should not be taken as such. Full responsibility for this lies entirely with the individual. Sojourn Australia and its representatives cannot be held responsible for any consequences arising from the use of information on this site, and cannot accept responsibility for any injuries or illness which may arise if the reader fails to take the appropriate medical advice.

Q: Do you do custom works?

A: Absolutely! Message us your request via our Facebook page, the Contact Us page or the floating "Message Us" Button and we will discuss with you how we might be able to accommodate your needs.

Q: Are your products environmentally friendly?

A: Our paper is manufactured with renewable and ethically sourced timbers, and packaging is manufactured from recycled materials as much as possible. Our sleeves are cellulose in order to ensure they are completely biodegradable.

Q: Are your products vegan?

A: We support ethically sourced and are actively in our policy against the cruelty, mistreatment and exploitation of animals. We are unaware of our product having a direct contribution to the exploitation of animals but cannot categorically comment whether the Sojourn range is vegan.

Q: Do you do Art Classes?

A: Yes! We teach art for homeschoolers and adults. Learn how to watercolour, choose the correct media and develop your skills as a modern watercolour artist. For more information please send us a message via our Contact Us page or via the "Message Us" prompt.

Ordering and Delivery

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes we do! If your country is not listed as a destination for the postage calculator at check-out, simply send us a message using the "Message Us" Button and we will add it as soon as we can- often within 30 minutes.

Q: When I place an order, how do I know how much postage will be?

A: Our online store automatically calculates postage based on weight of your items. Please note if you have ordered A3 Artwork, you will need to select the A3 Sized Postage Option.

Q: Will my goods safely arrive?

A: Sojourn use Australia Post services for all our freight, and all articles are packaged in Rigid Mailers to prevent accidental bending. We also include tracking in our mailing charges so you can follow the progress of your delivery.

Q: Can I pick-up the items?

A: Yes of course!

We are frequently at a number of markets including the Belgrave Big Dreams Market and the Grow It, Bake It, Make It Market Emerald- follow the links for more information. We are also at other markets from time to time, for more information please visit our Facebook page.

You can also arrange Pick-Up from our Studio in Pakenham, Victoria. Its as easy as choosing the 'FREE PICK-UP @ PAKENHAM STUDIO' option at check-out and we will email you to arrange. Otherwise, you can Contact Us or click the floating "Message Us" Button on every page.

Q: I'm needing the gifts in a hurry- can you help?

A: Yes, we can express ship them- contact us via the floating "Message Us" Button for more information. Normally these deliveries are received within 1-2 business days.