The Sojourn Story

No matter who you are or where you are heading, we all need to take time to rest.

At Sojourn, we know there is healing in rest. Our minds, body and spirit all need rejuvenation, and it is our promise to you that we will create rest for all your senses.

Sojourn: The Art of Rest.

In our modern society, we are all under more pressure than ever to work more, spend more and recreate less. This culminated for Lorraine Leslie in the Summer of 2017, and overworked and tired decided to pick up the paint brushes after a 20 year hiatus. Immediately she found her hunger for rest and mindful meditation provided inspiration for her art that speaks to simple reminders of rest, hope and promise.

The Sojourn Vision is simple: to foster your own safe haven for rest for the senses. The Art of Rest is a daily practice, and the Sojourn products are to help you create your own refuge at home or the office.

Located in South East Melbourne, Sojourn's products are available here at our online store, selected markets or pick-up from our Pakenham Studio- watch our Facebook page for dates and new products!