Copper Coil/Orgonite - Mint Orbonite / Art - Free delivery Australia wide

Copper Coil/Orgonite - Mint Orbonite / Art - Free delivery Australia wide

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SoFlow white orbonite has additional copper coils and orgonite compounds making this a powerful tool which is designed to be placed in a room, office, pantry or fridge discreetly.  

The benefit of the orbonite is its strength and its omni directional hemispheric range as well as the base making it perfect to reach larger areas

This Orbonite has many uses and may drop the charge of heavy metals, particles, pesticides and the like out of drinks, food and meat and to re charge and cleanse your crystals. 

Each Soflow piece is uniquely hand crafted in our Melbourne Studio and while pieces may be similar no two appear the same. All Soflow items feature the same proprietary Orgonite compounds paired with tuned copper coils.

This orbonite is 60mm diameter and approx 40mm high. Some variation in colours and finish occur as like all our Orgonite these are handmade.

Please allow 12 business days for order picking and delivery Australia wide, metropolitan areas may be faster. 

All SoFlow products are hand made and may contain slight variations and flaws- these are a normal feature of the product and do not affect their performance.