Meter Box Orgonite - Coil Free "Gold Nugget"

Meter Box Orgonite - Coil Free "Gold Nugget"

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Our SoFlow Coil Free Meter Box  "Gold Nugget" Orgonite is designed to combat the harmful EMF that is produced by your Meter Box. 


Each Soflow piece is uniquely hand crafted in our Melbourne Studio and while pieces may be similar no two appear the same. All Soflow items feature the same proprietary Orgonite compounds to ensure the consistent therapeutic benefits across the entire range.

Each Gold Nugget is 40mm in diameter.  To secure in place simply add double sided tape to the underside of the puck or just place in your meter box preferably ontop of the electrics or box.  These come in varying shades of yellow and gold as does not efftect the performance at all.

Please allow 12 business days for order picking and delivery Australia wide, metropolitan areas may be faster. All SoFlow Jewellery is hand made and may contain slight variations and flaws- these are a normal feature of the product and do not affect their performance.

**Please note: this is not a real gold nugget :)