SoFlow Copper Coil/Orgonite Indigo the Dolphin

SoFlow Copper Coil/Orgonite Indigo the Dolphin

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Meet Indigo the Dolphin who will help you on your healing journey.

Each Soflow piece is uniquely hand crafted in our Melbourne Studio and while pieces may be similar no two appear the same. All Soflow Jewellery feature the same proprietary Orgonite compounds paired with tuned copper coils to ensure the consistent therapeutic and protective benefits across the entire range.

The pendant size is approx 35mm x 35mm, 10mm thick and comes with a waxed cotton adjustable cord.  

Some wearers of these pendants have reported disturbed sleep, detox effects and general unsettledness.  If this occurs introduce wear incrementally and drink plenty of water.  This should pass in the first week of wear.

Please allow 12 business days for order picking and delivery Australia wide, metropolitan areas may be faster. 

PLEASE NOTE:  All SoFlow Jewellery is hand made and contain slight color and pattern variations and may have flaws as NO TWO PENDANTS ARE ALIKE - these are a normal feature of the product and do not affect their performance.